"In Jacek Szycht's photographs, every single creature captured by the camera comes across as photosexual. Casting the spell of light and shadow on a daily basis, Jacek finds inspiration in music and colour trends in fashion. His recent project merges his love for stories encapsulated in images and his life-long ambition to travel in time".

- TEDxWarsaw 2014


"Jacek Szycht! Oglądam Twój album i zakochuję się miłością narcystyczną w swoich wizerunkach na Twoich zdjęciach. Wielkie patrzenie! Panie i Panowie, oto talent. Jacek mieszka nad morzem, co jest dobrym pomysłem na upały. Ma czułe szkiełko i uważne oko.

F O T O G R A F! Polecam."

- Magdalena Felis, dziennikarka, po warsztatach kroniki filmowej


"I had the pleasure of working with Jacek Szycht in the years 2009-2013. Jacek was the official tour and studio photographer of Maja Olenderek Ensemble, he is also the co-designer and creator of the band's web site Jacek is also the designer of my recording studio's web site

During all the years of our cooperation Jacek has shown amazing devotion to his artistic visions as well, as great understanding of our ideas and a very high level of professionalism. I think of his work as of a very rare and precious mixture of perfectionism and understanding. He was always ready to do even more, than we had expected, in order to create unique photographic work, showing great respect for our own artistic ideas at the same time.

Despite being a very flexible artist with diverse experience, Jacek has developed a very unique esthetics of his own, which makes all of his work so special. Besides his great photographic work, Jacek has also created numerous live video recordings from our performances which I consider to be a very important part of building the bands media image in the years 2009-2013. His great attitude made him a real member of the band.

We are still excited about every possibility of working together with Jacek and value his opinions of our own work very much. We are regularly consulting him about design issues of our web site and other ideas in the field of media image. I strongly recommend Jacek's work to anybody who wants to cooperate with a visionary, professional and a great, inspiring person."

- Adam Świtała, co-founder of Maja Olenderek Ensemble

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